Monday, February 17, 2014

starting Again After A Lost Battle

Brimming with success, it is so natural to laugh and tell funny stories. However, it is harder to search for any good in the collapsed rubble of our financial disasters. Discouragement and resentment often follow a financial failure. It can feel like a lost battle. We cannot allow ourselves to be rendered helpless by the by our own mistakes and financial setbacks. Discouragement arises from continued efforts that still fail to produce financial success. So we wonder if we will ever measure up to others' standards or worse our own standards.

Resentment and discouragement are both emotions that are a step up from anger, hatred or revenge. You now are scaling up the emotional plane. This is very important. All of these negative emotions are necessary. By being aware of the emotions you feel it will help keep you from back sliding down the scale. You are continually gaining insight as to how you feel and how you react to certain stressors. This is very important information to have of yourself because it allows you to remain in control of your actions no matter your emotion. So the den fog you felt during depression is beginning to change into a light mist.

The simple truth is that most financial guides do not work because they fail to account for emotions behind spending. Everyone knows how much their rent or mortgage payment is, it is predictable. But they fail because an expense out of your control seems to ruin it all, thus leaving you discouraged. Knowing that emotion dictate many of actions can guide us through the times we are discouraged so we keep moving forward.

Experiencing defeat is a normal and valuable aspect of life. It induces us to reexamine the entire situation in which we find ourselves with a view toward helpful course correction. Wallowing in this defeat can paralyze your will and create a self-fulfilling continuance in that failure from which you are trying to dig yourself out. There is nothing unusual about failure or defeat. We use failure and defeat, then, to reevaluate want we really want. Remember failure is simply an educational episode or a cultural experiment in the acquirement of wisdom.

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